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Tow truck companies stay busy

wichita tow truck company

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – Area towing companies have been busy because of the snow and some slick roads. But, they have actually been busy for the last week due to the extreme cold stretch.

Dennis Demille and his wife, Katherine, own Skeeter’s Towing in Newton, with three tow trucks ready to respond at any minute.

“Normally, I always plug my truck in every night to keep the engine warm, but I haven’t shut it off in four days,” Demille said. “I’ve been running it non-stop just so it will be running when I’m called to go out and take care of somebody.”

Deanna Watson, a dispatcher at Arrow Wrecker Services in Wichita, said they’ve had five drivers assisting people non-stop, all weekend.

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